The 5 Best Cities to Live In 2022

Image by Anna Mustermann from Pixabay

While most people want to live in the country they love, some people yearn more than others. For those who want to live in a place they can easily get back to, again and again, it’s not always as easy as that. As cities become more and more crowded with people, land is becoming scarcer too. That’s why London has long been cited as one of the best cities in the world to live in in 2022. Much has been said about the ethnic melting pot that is London and its unique mix of cultures and languages. But what about the rest of the world? Is there really any other city that can challenge London in terms of culture, lifestyle, safety, access to top-notch properties and services, housing stock and affordable rents? Let’s take a look at what we know so far about 2022:

Australia: An affordable place to live

While many will skeptically accept the concept that a place can be affordable to everyone, there are a few things that will definitely make a big difference in your decision on where to live in 2022. According to the Australia). The country will see an increase in the number of households below the poverty line. It will also see a rise in median home ownership, a higher rate of employment and a higher percentage of people with a university education. In terms of affordability, we think that moving to Australia will be the best decision you can make for your family. The country has the perfect mix of cheap housing and super-affordable living conditions. It’s also home to the world’s best surfing, something that will definitely make the move to Australia more attractive.

Canada: A city with a distinct culture

If you’re looking for a city that has a really distinct culture, then definitely Canada is the place for you. We have an interesting history to tell about our city, but the thing that will make the move to Canada a better decision than moving to London is the sense of community. You’ll definitely be more likely to interact with other residents and find people you know who will talk to you about their backgrounds and who will enjoy a laugh or two. On the other side, a city that has no culture will definitely be a different proposition. While there will definitely be cultural differences between some city environments, there’s a sense of community that makes moving to Canada so much more attractive.

Spain: The perfect mix of culture and lifestyle

When it comes to living in Europe, you’re going to have a tough time choosing a better city to call your own than Madrid. The capital of Spain will have something for everyone, from artsy galleries with world-renowned art to history-rich streets lined with beautiful houses. Apart from the fact that Madrid is the perfect location for both the young and the old, there’s also the fact that most of its buildings have been shaped by people for decades. It’s a city full of history and sort of a throwback to the gilded age, complete with cobbled streets, cobbled city centres and a sense of humor that will make the move to Spain even more attractive.

Hong Kong: All you need is a home base

You’re going to love Hong Kong. We’re talking about the greatest city in the world. Yes, we’re talking about the city you’re living in, not the one you’re going to. Hong Kong is very similar to New York City, with the only deciding factor being price. While both cities are expensive, Hong Kong is more affordable when you factor in the fact that you’re living in a foreign city. If you’re looking for a place to call your home for the next decade, then Hong Kong is for you. If you want to call it your home for the next 10 years, you should probably look elsewhere.

Japan: More seating for everyone

For the best possible experience, you’re going to have to make the move to Japan. Not only is it an important market for the future of the specialized, but it’s also the perfect place to start the transition to a more flexible job market. Just as there are great opportunities in the private sector, there are also great opportunities in the public sector. With the number of hours of daylight in the country and the length of the night (Tokyo time), it’s easy to see why Tokyo is the ideal place to start the transition to a more flexible work schedule. With the world’s second-biggest market having plenty of places to sleep and eat and a thriving entertainment industry, Tokyo is an ideal starting point for anyone looking to start the transition to a flexible work schedule.


It’s not often that we see a city getting higher Education towns and cities, and while we wish London, Barcelona and Paris would follow suit, we do have to admire the city of London for setting a precedent for its robust capacity for expanding education. While many cities have seen a decline in the number of people choosing to attend university, the sheer size of the institution and the number of places it can operate in have made it stand out as the best destination for students. While London will never be called the ‘party capital of Europe’, it does have a great mix of fun and exciting places to live that will make the move to London even more attractive.

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